Gathered Around the Grill (Backed by a Big Shot)

Bobby Flay really gets us…even if he doesn’t know it. 

When he says things like, "Grilling takes the formality out of entertaining. Everyone wants to get involved," we feel some real kinship with the famed chef we've never met. What he's really espousing is the communal opportunity of a meal - something we've long-encouraged through our "Return to the Table" campaign.

All along, we've placed the heavy lift on the return - the meet-up - more than on the table. What you gather around matters little compared to the effort given to, sharing involved in, and joy derived from that gathering. Sure, it could be a kitchen table. But it could also be a coffee table. Or a picnic basket. Or a hatch-back. Or (say it with me, Bobby) a grill.

There is something inherently communal about a barbecue. Folks are as drawn to the aroma wafting from a portable charcoal Weber in the park as they are to that from a mammoth gas grill on the backyard patio. And, once they've followed their noses, their other senses are engaged as flames flicker, juices sizzle, heat radiates and, of course, amazing food is devoured.

But, we would argue something else happens here - something kind of bewitching. Watch anyone sidle up to a working grill, and notice how they become fixed on the food, the grates, the heat source. In that moment, even as they chit-chat, sip a cold drink, and maybe even assist with the turners and tongs, they are enchanted by the simplicity of this thing happening in front of them. Basic ingredients being cooked with little prep, no pretense. It is neither fast nor slow, effortless nor arduous, superior nor inferior. It is just simple.  

And, holy smokes, we love that, too. More and more these days, from our social plans to our dinner plates, we want to lose the veneer, the fuss, the fancy. Give us good people, good food, and a good spot to gather and we have won the human lottery every time. And it's just this thinking - aiming for that return with the emphasis on keeping it real - that inspires the products we put out. We’re here to keep healthy, natural ingredients that are thoughtfully crafted and never overworked - in our hands to shake or pour over the proteins and produce we all crave. Grill-ready (and -worthy).

Every one of our seasonings and each of our BBQ sauces - ClassicMustard, and Smoky - are Whole30-Approved and Certified Gluten-Free. And while those sauces are impressively low in sugar, sweetened only with a squeeze of pineapple juice, our seasonings have zero sugar. Shake any of them - Classic BBQCitrus HerbClassic SteakAll-Purpose, or Classic Buffalo - with guts and enthusiasm over your grill-bound meats and vegetables. Then, if you are so moved, dab a bit of our zero-added-sugar Tomato Ketchup and Coarse-Dijon Mustard atop or alongside; the fixin's have always been part of the fun.

So fire it up, and welcome the flock. Revel in the return, and keep it as relaxed as it is healthy. "I love the culture of grilling. It creates an atmosphere that is festive but casual," says our spirit-celebrity Bobby Flay. Man, it's cool to find like-minded virtual besties.

To get a head start on barbecue season, add some of our made-for-the-grill dishes to your weekend menus:

Thick Cut BBQ Grilled Pork Chops (made with Noble Made Classic BBQ Seasoning and BBQ Sauce)

Grilled Buffalo Shrimp (made with Noble Made Classic Buffalo Seasoning)

Carolina BBQ Skewers (made with Noble Made Mustard BBQ Sauce

Grilled Potato Salad (made with Noble Made Citrus Zest Dressing) 

Grilled Potato Salad II (made with Noble Made Coarse-Dijon Mustard)

Whole30 BBQ Burgers (made with Noble Made Classic BBQ Sauce)

Grilled Mississippi Chicken (made with Noble Made Classic Ranch Dressing)

Strawberry BBQ Chicken Skewers (made with Noble Made Classic BBQ Sauce)

Buffalo Lime Grilled Corn (made with Noble Made Classic Buffalo Seasoning)

Citrus Herb Salmon (made with Noble Made Citrus Herb Marinade)

Grilled Buffalo Turkey Burgers (made with Noble Made Classic Buffalo Seasoning and Buffalo Ranch Dressing)

Buffalo Chicken Sliders (made with Noble Made Medium Buffalo Sauce)

Grilled Sriracha Turkey Patties (made with Noble Made Sriracha Tahini Dressing)

Mediterranean Chicken Burgers (made with Noble Made Classic Poultry Seasoning)

Grilled Buffalo Chicken Dippers (made with Noble Made Buffalo Sauce and Ranch Dressing)

Grilled Chicken and Brussels Sprouts (made with Noble Made Classic Marinade and Mustard BBQ Sauce)